Welcome to The Dark Grey

   The creators of the The Dark Grey podcast series aim to fill a need larger than artistic expression: we want The Dark Grey to serve as the word’s first fully immersive podcast. With your help, we can succeed.

   We need listeners who want more than just a passive narrative experience, those who find it isn’t enough to simply sit still and tune in. We need listeners who want more than what most fiction podcast stories tend to provide: separation. The creators of The Dark Grey invite you to step closer and to become active in our world. We’ve integrated references, conspiracies, riddles, and rhymes - and we need your help tracking them down and storing them.

   We’re calling on the curious, the adventurous, and the bold. Those that want to get up close and those who want in on the action. Help Donovan Chase solve clues, discover the answers to found riddles, and explore the trail of crumbs left behind.

Travel beyond listening-who knows what you’ll find.

   Please help support The Dark Grey today, and help us change the role of the audience in podcasting.

With great thanks,

Burke and Katie


Burke Bryant

Series Info

Creators: Burke Bryant and Katie Burks
Writters: Burke Bryant and Katie Burks
Narration: Burke Bryant
Sound and Music: Ben Youatt 


Katie Burks